TW Fable

TW Fable
360 N Main Street
Bluffton, IN 46714 


Bored with the routine?  
Looking for a relaxing change of pace?
Desire to be taken care of through excellent service?
Seeking summer solace?
Want quality farm to table freshness?

Look NO FURTHER!!!  
A regional favorite of the 3 Elles is exactly what you have been dreaming of - TW Fable! 

Recently 2 of the 3 Elles relaxed at the hub of creative mixology, the 'Fable bar.  Wells L enjoyed a quintessential, but completely original and homemade, summer sipper - a watermelon margarita.  This ray of sunshine oozed summer sweetness with its premium liquor and freshly made watermelon puree.  This smooth sensation is a must try!

Allen L enjoyed a more causal selection of Corona Light paired with the Fable Skins appetizer.  Make no mistake - these weren't the skins from a sports bar.  No way!  These gourmet potato skins were topped with bacon, cheese, arugula, and drizzled with a balsamic exclamation point just to elevate it to the level of taste bud sensation that you will find with all of the culinary creations served at TW Fable.  

Still not sure it's for you - consider this, TW Fable has . . .
-a bar for a casual, relaxed after dinner drink or for a good girlfriend gossip gathering.

-an outdoor seating area that is far more scenic and relaxing than any eatery in Fort Wayne - we strongly suggest hitting it at sunset . . . STUN-NING over the Wabash river!  You'll definitely forget about the stresses of life. 

-a dining room featuring a sophisticated but not stuffy atmosphere. 

Why wait - head down to Bluffton to dine, drink, and delight!!!!!
See you at TW Fable!

Until the next bite -
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1150 S.  Harrison St
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

After a 10 month break, the 3 Elles are back out on the town - first stop, a new eatery, Champions Sports Bar and Restaurant located near Parkview Field, a minor league baseball stadium.  

Batter up, game opener - Spinach & Artichoke Dip served with colored tortilla chips and anything-but-homemade sliced bread.  The super cream cheesy dip was topped with white cheese and loaded with good sized artichoke pieces and swarming with cooked spinach.  We agree that this tasted better than it looked.  If you're looking for an app - this is a good choice, but don't rush down to Champions just to get this. 

Bottom of the 1st inning -  the gals needed a round of summer heat escape . . .  Adams L started with a Long Island Iced Tea (right) and Wells L started off with a Pomegranate Sidecar. 

The Long Island was very, very good.  The premium spirits were evident - no harsh alcohol taste here - just smooth swallow.   It was a pretty small glass so not really a bargain, but a party starter nonetheless!

The Pomegranate Sidecar was one of the specialty drinks.  It's super sweet flavor reminded us of a cherry tootsie roll pop.

Allen L started off with a Corona Light followed by a Corona Extra . . . because the sports bar only had one Corona Light in stock - REALLY?!?!  A sports bar running out of a popular beer - hmmm.  Since we're near the baseball stadium, I'd call that STRIKE ONE!

Just look at that sweaty bottle - a perfect chill to the summer evening!

Top of the 2nd Inning . . . a Raspberry Lemondrop Martini (sigh, they could make anything but didn't have a martini menu - STRIKE TWO!).   This beautifully presented citrus refreshment started off sweet and light but stole 2nd base with a "Catch ya later" finishing kick. 


With the bases loaded, we moved to the main course. . . 

Adams L started with a Caesar salad as an opener to her Fish and Chips.  

 The lightly breaded fish was not served greasy nor salty though the bottom of the plank was soggy.  Accompanied with overly cooked fries resulting in a tough texture, it was no where near the major league fish and chips found at other Fort Wayne eateries. 

 Wells L waited for the call from our super "coach" (server) Stephanie as to what was a good play.  With her guidance, I selected the Champion Club (without tomato).  Looking for a bland, dry, very basic turkey, bacon, and lettuce sandwich on plain white generic bread?  This is the sandwich for you!   For all of the condiments on the table couldn't make this tasty or impressive. 

Allen L opted for a selection off of the appetizer menu (big HOME RUN with the price here - without any announcement of the promotion - it was half price apps when we were there).  Her Grilled Tenders with Greek Vegetable Salad was definitely worth $5.50 (definitely not worth $9.95 and in no way would make a sharable  appetizer). 
 Although no clear way to tackle this dish, Allen L squared off to the plate and just went for it.  The Tzatziki sauce really was on the only "Greek" part of this dish.  With some olives and feta this could be expanded to be an excellent entree. 

 During the 7th inning stretch, we were entertained by the pre-show set up of Tommy Schoegler's "Sound Off" (a local sports program).  As you can see, Tommy was working hard prepping for his weekly show which is taped at Champions. 
 His sidekick, Kent Hormann . . . not so much about the prepping - more about perfecting his "sour" look. 

In the bottom of the 9th, the Elles loaded the basis with a Dessert Trio - whew - no doubt we left on a sugar high.  Starting off we shared a Strawberries and cake.  The store bought, nothing special pound cake was uninspiring to say the least; however, the strawberries in a sweet sauce were definitely summer perfection. 
 Next up, the Elles tackled "Mom's Chocolate Cake".  This devil's food cake with chocolate fudge and nut frosting was rather disappointing. It's freezer burned taste was overpowering. 
 Finally, the sweeper stepped up to the plate - BAM - outta the park with this one.  This Chocolate Cupcake Hot Fudge Sundae was childhood birthday party perfection.  This is a must have though it's big so easily shared with 3 of us with some left over.

Final thoughts -
Looking for a sports bar before or after a Tin Caps game?  This would be a good choice serving up a full on sports atmosphere.  Definitely not serving up fresh homemade food here, but a spirited place for appetizers, drinks, and desserts.  Our services was excellent (thanks Stephanie)!  The overall cleanliness of the restaurant left us pleased.  We recommend you give it a try when you're looking for a fun "girls or guys night out" spot or just a place to grab some drinks after work.  

Until the next bite - 
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Joseph Decuis

This post was written by Adams L.  Enjoy!

The Elle’s ventured out to a popular but somewhat unconventional place for us. We eagerly anticipated the Burgers, Blue jeans, and Beer at Joseph Decuis.

 Now if you remember we have been to Joseph’s before, however we have not experienced the summer patio action. Upon arrival to the location, you make your entrance through the front garden, all beautifully adorned with flowers, vines, and a reflecting pool with fish. After entering the main restaurant, you make your way to the center courtyard. The courtyard is where the event is held. It is exquisitely landscaped in a manner that encourages a relaxed, comfortable air. As time went by, rain threatened. It did rain, but the Elles were nicely tucked under the awning and it did not pose as a distraction for us. However, some patrons were under table umbrellas and found that they needed to move just a bit to stay out of the moisture.

For starters, since Adams L and Wells L are not beer fans, they opted for the martinis. Adams L totally enjoyed the Raspberry Lemon drop, a delishiously super fruity relaxer on a very warm day. Very girly.

For starters, since Adams L and Wells L are not beer fans, they opted for the martinis. Adams L totally enjoyed the Raspberry Lemon drop, a delishiously super fruity relaxer on a very warm day. Very girly.  Wells L relished in the Creole Kiss. Another super spectacular beverage. Looks a lot like the Raspberry Lemon Drop, It also is fruity, and possesses a wonderful smooth deliciousness. One might say that one of these may not be enough.  Allen L opted for a Heineken, which was served cold, leaving one refreshed. ”It is the perfect patio drink”. Allen L was able to sit back and just relax.

The patio has its own menus for the evening. 

Wells L ordered freshly made French Fries which looked like shoestring fries. Homemade ketchup resembling tomato paste with some spices was available to complete this dish. Wells L was thinking the fries would come with the entree, but it was served as an appetizer. Adams L chose to start with the Seafood Gumbo. Noticing that it had no seafood, but was spicy, hot, peppery, Adams L was informed later that it was not Seafood Gumbo but JO –JO Gumbo. Even though it was tasty, it was not what was ordered and we will talk about the service later.

The chef cooked all the entrees out on the patio on the grill. What would a backyard meal be without the aroma of food cooking? Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The entrees include a chicken dish, brats, and then a 1/3 # burger. The Elles chose the burger. This was served on a durable paper plate nestled on a buttery bun. Tomato, lettuce and onion garnished this dish. We all agree that every bite was a bite of deliciousness. Mmmmm. And then Mmmmm again. The flavor was pure beef, no worries of gristle, or grease dripping down your hand. The burgers were juicy and perfect with or without condiments.

To end this relaxing meal we were served cookie, a choice of chocolate chip, turtle, and oatmeal/raisin. Now I am not an oatmeal/raisin kind of girl, I will go for the chocolate every time but I’m telling you that the oatmeal/raisin was mouth watering good. All of the one I tried were wonderful. Chewy, not under baked, a good size, not sugary/grainy texture at all.  This was a perfect conclusion to a patio meal. Yum, yum

Everyone was pleasant at Decuis, but the service out on the patio was substantially different from in house. We had to ask multiple times to have our small water glasses filled, and then only that person received water, no one else at the table. Hummm. None of the Elles remembers being asked how our meat should be cooked. Does this mean that at a cook-out the cook gets to decide?  I am not sure on that one either. Our waitress had multiple opportunities to make connections with us but for some reason chose not to do so. I think the worst was the gumbo. Really. When one orders seafood and you serve JO-JO and do not mention it, or ask if the person still wants it, or excuse the mistake? This would not be acceptable in any other restaurant and I definitely would not expect it at Joseph Decuis. It should not matter if we are outside or inside, service is service.

Until the Next Bite-
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Takaoka of Japan

305 E Superior Street
Fort Wayne, IN  46802

 Looking for dinner and a show?  Try Takaoka of Japan - it's culinary artistry at its finest.  Not only is the food amazing, but the chef is knowledgeable, interactive, and quite the showman! 

We started off with a round of fantastic, reasonably priced drinks.  Our $6 cocktails were remarkably "adult" and absolutely tasty.  Adams L started off with a Plum wine - not your everyday option, but definitely refreshing on this hot summer evening.

Long Island with a side of diet coke to keep it from getting too potent . . . made so well, didn't need extra soda!

Long Beach - a long island made with cranberry juice instead of soda - FRUITY GOODNESS!

Plum wine on the rocks - total refreshment on a hot day!
Making of the fried rice -YUM!

Grilling the Filet Mignon - Tender, delicious, flavorful!

Prepping of the shrimp and veggies - holy moly - amazing!
Our meals began with an amazing soup - not something I typically enjoy, but this was outstanding!  We also got a iceberg lettuce salad with a house dressing with a strong orange flavor. 

Shrimp & Filet (Filet not yet added to dish) with both steamed and fried rice - hands down - the best!

Scallops - fresh and delicious!
Our server was almost ninja like . . . our dirty dishes would disappear and I honestly didn't even notice her come by.  Our waters were refilled and each course was perfectly paced.  Our chef was friendly and knowledgeable. 

What a super fun place to eat dinner with friends!  This is not a place to linger and there is no dessert, but as far as dining with fun and deliciousness . . . this won't disappoint. 

Until the next bite - 
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