Baker Street

Baker Street

4820 N. Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
(260) 484-3300

The entrance is perfectly picturesque.  It's adorable with tasteful decorations straight out of an HGTV special.  Flanking the main entrance are 2 large urns hosting wreath toppers complimented by diverse vegetation.  
Once inside, the foyer features a pair of  comfortable seating nooks.  On this visit we did not have to wait, but what a relaxing place to do so.  Just an example of how BS envelopes guests in luxury and comfort from the beginning of their visit to the end.
 We were promptly greeted and immediately seated in the section of the restaurant that we had requested  - the club chairs lounge area.  The chairs look more comfortable then they are, but it was a fun new place for us to dine. 

We began our girls' night out with 2 appetizers - Brushcetta and Smoked Gouda Crab Dip.  The bruschetta is definitely an Elles FAVE!  The complexity of this appetizer blends nicely to give the consumer a palate pleasing experience.  It features goat cheese, olive tapenade, roma tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzerella atop the perfect bread!  No doubt, we LOVE everything about this starter!

Our second appetizer was  "new to us" - Smoked Gouda Crab Dip.  This large starter arrived inside a bread bowl topped with a cute (and delicious) hat!  The dip was served with pita bread chips.  The other Elles (not so much me) loved this dish, but caution consumers if they think they are about to eat a Spinach type dip, you're not!  They warn that you have to like seafood (and that "fishy" flavor) in order to enjoy this.   The creaminess of the melted cheese and thickness of the bread bowl, made this an extremely filling appetizer.

Martini Mondays = PARTY!  Allen L started off with the Vanilla Bean Martini (click HERE to read the previous review of this drink) with huge expectations for creamy vanilla goodness.  On this visit, Todd the bartender, prepared a more milky less creamy version of the drink.  The result was something in the neighborhood of watered down skim milk in flavor, texture, and alcohol content.  The disappointment was that it was so radically different than it had been on numerous other visits. 
Our server willingly returned the Vanilla Bean to the bar to have it remixed.  It returned a bit creamier but still a bit underwhelming and unimpressive. 
Adams L and I began with a Momo'Taro which arrived with a sugar rim and a pretty orange color.  Unfortunately, this Asti finished 'tini tasted exactly like watered down orange juice - turns out they didn't have one of the main ingredients, but went ahead and made it anyway and hoped "we wouldn't notice".  Yeah - we're 'tini drinkers - we noticed.  Our server offered to have it remade or to bring something different, but we just dealt with it.

Round 2 featured a round of Banyan Trees - delicious!  The toasted coconut rim starts the taste buds on a tropical journey that you never want to end.  YES - this is definitely the drink to try. 
We learned that there was recently a launch of a new Culinary Cocktails menu that features some hoity toity 'tinis.  We weren't overly impressed and wished that they would have kept the oldies but goodies.  We learned from the on-duty manager, Lysa, that they still make all the good ones like Key Lime Pie and S'More - hmmm, wish we would have been hip to that from the start.  May we suggest keeping a printed menu of the old stand-byes?

Allen L was given a sample of the Seafood Gumbo that she shared with us.  First, how fantastic BS allows you to sample something before committing to a full portion of something that you may/may not enjoy.  The other Elles (me, not so much) really enjoyed the spicy sample.  I, like the Gouda dip, found it to be overly fishy tasting.  Sorry for the lack of photo.

Adams L selected a Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad which was presented with a starburst of super fresh strawberries and dotted with candied pecans.  Adams L said this salad made her happy as the mix of flavors played in her mouth like children at recess.  She highly recommends it!

Sorry for the dark photo
 Allen L selected the Greek Salad as her entree.  The rainbow of colors and freshness of the ingredients created a joyful eating experience.  Allen L said it was everything she loves on a salad - beets, loives, tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and red onions.  The salad came with a raspberry vinaigrette which she thought was an odd choice for a Greek salad and would have preferred more of an authentic Greek dressing.
 Allen L suggests getting the dressing on the side  because the wetness of the vegetables and amount of dressing resulted in having to wade through a pond. 

 My entree was paired with a side salad.  The freshness was evident by the crispness of the mixed greens.  The gourment additions on this anything but basic "side salad" included shaved parm, mandarin oranges, sliced red onions, fancy cut cumbers, and homemade croutons.  I opted for blue cheese dressing on the side - perfect!

The bread is unique and interesting at BS - the2 types of gourmet goodness is served warm with 2 types of butter to compliment each loaf.  In the breadbasket was the always awesome pretzel bread - YUM and another loaf that was new to me and not something that I enjoyed with dinner- might be great for a meal ender.  The coconut pineapple bread paired with cinnamon sweet butter was way too sweet to be enjoyed with my martini and salad. 

Our server, in partnership with the kitchen, paced our meal perfectly so that we could maximize our enjoyment of each course.

Adams L selected her entree from the appetizer menu and opted for the Sashimi Tuna.  It initially arrived medium rare despite her request that it be prepared medium well.  Our server noticed this and returned it to the kitchen promptly-  such excellent service.  Once returned prepared to her likeness, the tuna was melt-in-your-mouth tender.  The cucumber slaw was not only beautiful on the plate, but created a contrasting palate punch with it's super spicy hot.
Just look at that beautiful presentation!
 BS was recently honored with having the best steak in Fort Wayne so I decided that is what I was going to have. With way too many delicious options to select from, I finally decided on the Blue Glazed Filet.  I'm not going to lie - it wasn't the best stake I have ever had at BS, but it was still very delicious.  The extreme blue cheese topping really tilts the overall flavor in one direction while the rock hard bacon wrap tainted the tenderness of the steak.  Baker Street's scratch kitchen is amazing with the details -such as the sauce - exceptional, incredible, delightful!  I selected grilled asparagus as my side -'ve.ever.eaten!!!!!!!!  They were perfect.  The other Elles enjoyed sharing them with me (though, they thought they had too much butter on them - I say, is that really such a thing?  I loved them!).  The onion straws were horrible -a tasteless grease pile that I left completely on my plate. 

 Last year, we were treated to a special custom dessert (click HERE to read more about it) so with this visit, we thought we should just ask if it was possible to get it again.  YES.IT.WAS!  Holy cow - this meal ender is simply delicious!  The Puff Apple Pastry has so many different flavors and textures that it's impossible to identify which is your favorite.  The cinnamon ice cream scoops were rolled in spiced pecans which gave a  contrasting temperature, flavor, and texture to the overall dish.  

On the way out the door there is a bowl holding dark chocolate covered butter mints which were a light delight to the end of your meal.  Grab one (or 2) before leaving.

Holly was our server and was amazing.  She had been there for nearly 3 years and provided us with tip-top rock star service.  We strongly believe that exceptional service makes all the difference -no doubt, BS also has this belief too because every aspect of our evening was well cared for.  Todd provided us with endless refills of water and chatted with us kindly.  Lysa, the manager on duty, was friendly and informative and so much fun.  

For exceptional food, service and an overall experience that is both relaxing and sophisticated, make your next reservation at Baker Street!  It's simply heads and shoulders above all others!  We place it in to top 3 of our most favorite FW eateries and are confident you will too!!!

Until the next bite - 

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