TW Fable

360 N Main Street
Bluffton, IN 46714 


editor's note:  Adams L wrote this post in a VERY timely fashion, it was I who slacked and didn't get the pictures uploaded and inserted into the post.  I deeply apologize to the Elles, the TWF staff, and our readers who had to wait due to my delay.  I apologize!

First off, you will note a difference in the writing as a change in writing “L’s” for this review. I (Adams L) cannot hold up to the normal writer (Wells L) but will give it a go.

We chose to go to visit an establishment that is relatively new and in a smaller community. TW Fable in Bluffton, IN is located on the banks of the Wabash. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing. It was nicely decorated for the holidays, not overly done with the lights and glitter. At one point we needed the music to be turned down, and it was promptly attended to by staff.

We had called ahead for reservations and then later called to see if we could come early and sit at the bar. The owner encouraged us to come in early since he was there and he would make sure the bar was open.  When we arrived we were greeted promptly with a smile and hospitality by the hostess (I am sorry I do not recall her name).  After we hung our coats she escorted us to the bar, showing us the amenities along the way. She settled us in a timely fashion and introduced us to the terrific bartender, Corey. He was a wealth of information in regards to the drinks offered at TWF and admits to mix with a heavy hand. Corey was very pleasant and helpful in selection of martinis. You could tell he enjoyed his job and had interest in the establishment.
 Well, for starters all the “L’s” enjoyed a TW martini which is a blend of pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and raspberry vodka. With Corey’s mixing we each had about 3 martini glasses worth to enjoy.

He then mixed up a Red Delicious martini which involves apple bourbon brandy, French apple (which tastes like an apple crisp), and sapper. Fall, and served with a cinnamon/sugar rimmed glass. It was beautiful and flavorful. This one he served in miniature martini glasses because it was a taste test. Yummm. Corey takes pride in his creations and in keeping things pure, so he hand grates the cinnamon for the sugar mixture used around the rim. Interesting. Corey is skilled at his job as well as a great sales person.

Crab cakes seem to be the mainstay, or stable food for the Elles’s. We did have these at the bar and it was presented very well. The appetizer consisted of three huge patties. Spicy and sweet flavor from the thick patty served with a different sauce than the romalaude sauce that we are accustomed. Nicely crusted coating with a mushy middle. No lumps or chunks of crab. There was some red pepper throughout the mixture.

When we were ready to be seated (they let us decide) we were seated in a circled booth with chairs on one side. Alyssa was our server for the night. She was neat in appearance and attentive to our need throughout the evening. Our water glasses were never dry and the table was cleared in a timely manner as well. Alyssa engaged in conversation but did not dwell at our table. We had a relaxing evening.

Allen “L” started off with Deconstructed French onion soup. The ingredients arrived in a creative bowl; the soup was then poured over the onion, cheese, and whatever else makes up this soup. This dish was fun, creative, and beefy tasting with a bit much on the salt. It would make for a science fair demonstration.

Wells “L” ordered a Gorgonzola & Pear salad and Allen “L” ordered the smaller version. On a bed of lettuce was placed pieced of pear. This was served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I have been told that the pear wasn’t overly flavorful especially with the bold red onions.

Adams “L” stepped into the mysterious side and started with a prosciutto and fig salad. Obviously different with the sweetness of the figs and lettuce and red onion. The different textures were a nice change. The prosciutto was cooked to almost crisp added a welcomed “home” taste. The dressing was balsamic vinaigrette and truffle. She would order this again.

We all dove into the desserts at this point. Adams “L” ordered a Harvey Wallbanger cake. It was smooth, dense cake with nothing overbearing in the flavor. The icing was think and creamy with almost a hint of lemon. The cake was served with a tart fruit drizzle.

Wells ”L” ordered the chocolate cake which was almost like dark chocolate cake with a rich creamy frosting.

And last but not least is Allen “L” who ordered carrot cake. The texture was more chunky and coarse than some other recipes. The frosting had an almost healthy taste with sugar served on top.

We all had a great time and would definitely return. I think this shows us that we do not have to always go to the “big city” to have a wonderful fine dining experience and at a decent cost. 

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