Catablu Grille

6372 West Jefferson Boulevard,
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Beyond disappointing pretty much sums up our recent experience at the new Catablu Grille. We were HUGE fans of Catablu and had such high hopes for an encore of our fabulous time (centered around a fantastic server/bartender who created amazing original 'tinis, amazingly prepared food, and tasty desserts)- dashed, dashed, dashed!!!!!

We love Martinis and began with such excitement to learn that we were there on Martini Monday - woo hoo!!! Apparently there are about 10 martinis listed on the menu that can be ordered for a discount on Mondays. I asked our young, naive server which she recommended and made a decision as did the other "L's". She returned to the table a few seconds later to inform me they didn't have the appropriate liquor to make the drink I selected. I was bummed, but was willing to look over the other options. Before I had a chance, our server blasted out, "What martini do you want instead?" I asked for a few more minutes. She rolled her eyes, told us that the bartender hated to make martinis and that he hated her so I should order a martini to upset him (yeah - that's what I like to do - upset the bartender and get in the middle of a workplace dispute). She returned to the table 30 seconds later and said, "Which one are you going to get?" I again asked for some more time which she more or less insisted I hurry up. I asked for water, closed the menu and decided that I was upset with her tone - no alcohol bill for you (to put a twist on the soup nazi's famous line). The server must have asked another 5 times what I was going to drink, despite my making it extremely clear I wasn't going to order anything. The other "L's" enjoyed their martinis very much - good for them . . . until "The Adams L" attempted to order a second drink and guess what . . they didn't have Port Wine which was needed. I quickly, and probably sarcastically asked the server, what is it that you all do have? She said, "Not much." About 30 seconds later after she consulted the bartender, she returned stating, "Oh I guess we do have Port." What the heck!

"The Allen L" obsesses about bread and she absolutely LOVES the olive spread that accompanies the cracker-like sticks and sliced french bread.

Entrees -
"The Allen L" ordered lobster mac & cheese as it had such a high recommendation from other review sites and the server. It didn't appear to be a huge serving and in fact, she was able to eat the entire meal - something she rarely does. She said it was fantastic and would order it again.

"The Adams L" ordered a crab cake sandwich which she said was very good. One part of the bun was soggy so she used a knife and fork. She said it had great flavor and would order it again.

I had a fillet which was okay. It was FAR from the fillet I had eaten at the original Catablu. I would not make a special trip to eat it again. It was pretty unremarkable.

Dessert -
"The Allen L" just had coffee which was served in a small bucket - it was a huge, but cute, coffee cup.

"The Adams L" ate some donut type dessert which came with 3 dipping sauces (fudge, raspberry, and banana foster). She hated the banana foster. She didn't enjoy it - a sentiment that was echoed by "The Allen L".

I had the creme brulee. It was okay. It was your standard CB - nothing that went "WOW! I have to come back for this!!!!" Disappointing. The CB at the old Catablu was delicious.

First, what is up with the restrooms. There is one labeled with a framed picture of a little girl. The other is labeled with a generic plastic male/female placard.
Second, the giant flat screen tv centered was distracting and out of place with the other warm, charming decor. The fire place and wall mounted wine rack were charming as was the "gated" dining section.

Service -
HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! Our young server continued to hang around our table like a puppy waiting on a treat. She talked about herself WAY TOO MUCH-we know she is a criminal justace major, got 5 tickets in one night, wants to become a drug user psychotherapist, her ex-boyfriend didn't pay car insurance which she gave him the money for, that her ex is her baby's daddy - TMI!!! Shut up already - we're here to have a Girls Night Out - but she remained clueless as to oppressive, suffocating, and obnoxious presence.

Until the next bite -

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