Brick House Grill

19 W Washington St 
Huntington, IN 46750
(260) 224-6696

Looking for a funky unique change-of-pace?  The Brick House Grill is exactly that! 

See for yourself -
An old dingy bar was renovated by 2 friends into a hip, fresh, and fun pub experience.   This over 21 establishment makes it perfect for a date, a night out with friends, or a place to close a deal.  It's rich character, menu depth, gourmet trained chefs, and small town charm should put this restaurant near the top of your "must try" list. 

Upon the recommendation of a friend, Allen L and I tried a Bi-Polar Martini.  It's combination of blue curacao and raspberry liquor created a purple fusion of tropical tastiness.  These won't knock you on your butt and for $6.50 it's a toss up whether or not it's worth the splurge.  Like most eateries in this category,  martinis are served naked which is always disappointing, but is regretfully the norm.  

 We started off with Scotch Eggs which is simply an amazing concept - it's literally a bite sized breakfast with a hard-boiled egg surrounded by sausage and paired with a side of maple syrup.  It's uniqueness in American restaurants makes this a must-try. 

With the assistance of a coupon, we were able to try a free appetizer and selected Spinach and Artichoke dip.  This $6.00 appetizers (free with our coupon) was a bit disappointing.  It wasn't bad by any means, but it lacked any flavorful punch that would have made it memorable.  It was primarily melted cream cheese with little spinach and almost no artichoke.  Although the presentation was lovely, the deep friend chips-to-dip ratio was off.  We would suggest skipping this as there are other more amazing appetizers including the Reuben Egg Rolls, Crab Cakes, or of course, the Scotch Eggs. 

Allen L and I selected exactly the same thing for dinner - Englishman's Feast with sides of kettle chips and lager rings.  It was delicious but definitely an overload of fried goodness.  We asked for our fish to be prepared extra crispy which the kitchen happily did resulting in a perfect texture.  Allen L made an impressive culinary observation when she said, "I prefer the breading to compliment the fish not cover it."  The BGH's breading, while delicious and perfectly crispy, was a bit thick and retained a lot of the grease.  The generous portion (5-6 large filets) of flaky fish was definitely better than most other area eateries (Paula's On Main being the untouchable Gold standard, of course).  Condiments including ketchup and tartar sauce were presented in condiment cups which was an improvement over a gross multi-use bottle.  If you are a lover of fried fish then this is certainly a delicious dish worth trying. 
Buried under the mountain of fish and rings is the chips.

This is a rare gem with it's unique menu and relaxing atmosphere including music perfectly selected for the establishment's target audience.  The family-owned restaurant is staffed by 2 couples which keeps the service and standards high.  The leisurely pace of the meal makes it perfect for unwinding after a stressful day or just enjoying the company of the people you are with.  Without a doubt, this is a place to try in the near future!

Until the next bite - 

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