536 West Main St
Fort Wayne, IN  46802
(260) 422-5031

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 Nestled in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne, Henry's, has been serving up it's family-owned atmosphere and food since the 1950's.  Once inside you are instantly transported into another dimension.  The hustle and bustle of city life disappears upon entering and is replaced by a "Cheers"-esque setting (except at Henry's, it seems, no one cares to know your name).  The lowered lighting, original brick walls, 1800's European-made bar and booths, and random shelf accents converge for a cozy setting that wraps patrons in nostalgia of a speakeasy.  

 The laminate tables, simple wood chairs, cafeteria quality silverware, and handwritten menu ensure the charm of a small town family owned restaurant is not lost.  

After trying to enter the wrong door, I found the correct entrance and took a moment to absorb the uniqueness and immediately noticed a sign saying "Please Seat Yourself".  Despite the sign, I waited in the entry way for my friends - a total of 7 minutes - and NO ONE said ANYTHING to me.  I looked through the materials displayed on the shelf and the cork board.  I looked around at the interesting bar all the while being completely ignored by everyone.  So much for one of the more common elements of a family-owned restaurant - the warm welcome.  

With news the other Elles were going to be a bit more delayed, I pulled up the last bar stool and waited for another couple of minutes before Matt, the bartender, approached.  With no martini menu, and a whole lot of excuses as to why, I requested a tropical, fruity and girlie martini - he gave me 2 options:  a lemondrop which he said tastes exactly like the candy and a cosmo martini.  I opted for the Cosmotini . . . completely disappointing.  It was neither fruity (unless you count the "sucking a lemon" flavor as fruity) nor tropical.  Although it was only $6 - it could have been sold at a kid's kool aid stand for a quarter and no one would have been the wiser.  
 Adams L arrived shortly afterward and went through the whole "you don't have a menu?  How can I know what to order?" just as I had 5 minutes earlier.  Matt's response was, "I don't know you so I can't know what you want to drink." (see, NOT exactly Cheers).  Adams L said she liked raspberry.  Matt took off and returned with this pretty purple drink that he had no name for so he said, "Raspberry-eee".  OKEY DOKEY Mr. Bartender. 

Last to belly up to the bar was Allen L who skipped the no menu drama and ordered a Lemondrop requesting a sugar rim.  She said it was so disappointing that she didn't even recommend we taste it.  Her exact words were it was VERY VERY VERY TART!

$20 for 3 martinis vesseled in smaller-than-normal glasses and were essentially alcohol-free was a disappointing start to our evening.  Planning to head to Henry's for 'tinis?  Change your plans!

I started off with ordering a LOT of diet coke . . . our server, Michelle, brings me a glass and says that they only have one free refill.  For $2 - seriously, at a bar?  Where designated drivers should be encouraged?  What kind of dumb ass bar, in 2012, has a 1 refill limit on a $2 diet coke?  OMG!  I told her to keep it and I'll stick with FREE water instead.  

We started with Spinach Artichoke Dip - SKIP IT!  Michelle said it was the "best anywhere" - she is oh sooo wrong!  It's tasteless and arrived paired with the most greasy "pita chips" that were too fragile to hold a feather let alone this chunky dense dip.  The dip is primarily artichoke and very little spinach and has no notable flavors.
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Adams L fell in love with the 6" submarine type loaf of bread that Allen L identified as being nuked.  The bread is made daily from the Bagel Station which is a fun partnership between local companies- too bad it had to be nuked rather than reheated in the oven to prevent the chewiness!  The bread was served in a plastic basket (like you would get at a coney dog in at the root beer stand) nestled among a variety of prepackaged crackers and tiny "spread" containers.  

Adams L ordered the Tuna Balsemico based on the recommendation of a friend.  Our server indicated this salad was the best selling menu item.  This salad featured many different components and textures including mixed greens, olives, walnuts, goat cheese, and a large perfectly prepared tuna filet but none of the flavors stood out as exceptional. She said it was tasty and a generous portion, but would opt to try something else the next time (spoiler alert:  we won't be returning anytime soon).
Allen L selected a Wrapped Shrimp Club with a side of homemade pasta salad.  The somewhat spicy salad was loaded with a variety of veggies and smothered in an Italian vinaigrette dressing.  The 5 shrimp were lost amid the veggie packed wrap.  If you are looking for a healthy meal heavy on the veggies than this may just be for you.  If you are looking for a shrimp meal - you'll hardly notice you're eating any with this wrap - the bacon was a more noticeable note than the featured shrimp. 

See the white "spot" at the top of the wrap . . . that's 1 of the 5 shrimp.
 The Walleye special caught my eye, but with a salty price and zero guidance from our server as to whether it was good or not, I opted for a $6.99 fish sandwich.  It was a fantastic choice.  I removed the 2 freshly breaded Pollock filets from the bulky store bought onion bun.  The seasoned fries were delicious.  Neither the fish nor the fries were overly greasy and both were very delicious.  With the great price, this is a must try meal!    

After the initial less-than-warm welcome and having read many of the online reviews all pointing to poor service, our expectations were pretty low.  Our server was really short and unhelpful and almost rude at times. We noticed a trend among the staff (except for the upbeat server wearing a pink shirt who rocked a great attitude) - everyone seemed apathetic!  It was clear from the first second when I entered and continued throughout the entire meal that each employee could not care less if you were a guest or if you enjoyed your food or if you were having a great time.  It wasn't until our server found out that we write a blog that she offered up more information and was a bit more helpful - which, since that was at the end, it was too late.  

Liked my fish - Hated the fake 'tinis - Displeased with the service - Felt unwelcome and unwanted - Would not recommend it!  As we have stated in many reviews before, it's your money - spend it on an outstanding experience or on a mediocre dinner.  

Note: After dinner we left and headed to Paula's for a REAL 'tini and dessert which we knew would NOT disappoint!
Until the next bite - 

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