Eddie Merlot's Shout Out

A VERY spontaneous outing of the 3 Elles occurred tonight as we gathered at Eddie Merlot's in celebration of the week's end - hooray Friday (show of hands who loves Friday?)! With zero time to prepare for the rendezvous, there will be no discussion of the appetizers, salad, entrees, drinks, and desserts that we thoroughly enjoyed tonight. There will be no photos, no adjectives, and no blogging. Tonight, we simply want to give a shout out to the folks at EM's who made our night exceptional!

Our main server - Josh - You rock! Fist bump to you! - Thanks for the 411 on the "brass". Fantastic fire player - don't worry, it'll grow back! SMILE!

Note to Fritz (Fritzi as I like to call you after a martini or two) - just so you know you were missed, AND Josh had some smack to talk about you - just sayin'

Our back up server - Felicia - way to bring the customer service to the level of AWESOME! Your first day . . . or not, either way, you were great!

Our head water dude - Randy (a.k.a. Flounder) - thanks for making us your most important table :) SMILE

Our substitute water dudette - Vanessa - thanks for coming off the bench to help out

Hope I'm not leaving anyone out - you were all great! Thanks for making our outing a fantastically fun time! That's why we chose EM's tonight - we knew it would not disappoint!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Next week, the 3 Elles take on Naked Tchopstix - check back for our thoughts on the new eatery.

Until the next bite -

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