George's La Baguette

2031 Broadway
Fort Wayne, IN 46802-3709
(260) 420-2700
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This gem has been in Fort Wayne for quite some time, but I wonder how many people know what is inside. This is a treasure in a part of town (on Broadway, across from Mad Anthony Brewery, immediately next to George's International Market) one would not expect to find such a bake good paradise.

When you enter the door, all of your senses are thrown into overload. Visually, it appears you have just stepped into a quaint European bakery. The olfactory is overwhelmed by the tantalizing aroma of countless choices. English is not the first language of most of the customers and employees, so the ears are treated to the romantic articulations of foreign tongues (primarily Spanish). Although touching is prohibited, your hands get to "feel" each pastry through the use of the tongs. Upon entering, you pick up a pair of tongs and metal tray. You use your tongs to pick up the goodies you wish to purchase and place them on a tray. Although the trays seem rather large initially, they fill up quickly as one goody after another finds its way into your life.

This display case features individual cake slices (about 25 different varieties), donuts (about 15 different types), and concha bread (at least 8 different flavors and sizes) looks out into the parking lot. Doesn't it just transport you to lil' Italy or a Parisian storefront?

I call this section "The Cookie Cart" - but don't for one minute think this is all of the cookies. No way, there are about 30 other types along the other wall. Need a cookie assortment for a party - these cookies are .15-.50 each . . . and you can buy just one or 100. Got a sweet tooth, but don't want to be tempted by buying a dozen cookies or whole cake from the big grocery store - swing in George's for just one piece of cake or just one cookie . . . and leave with change from your dollar bill!

This row of pastries below is a bit of more authentic Hispanic treats. Unfortunately, for those of us who are uneducated about foreign delights, they do not have information labels describing what each item is. That would be MOST helpful to us "foreigners" and with the fair trade this place does, the employees do not have a lot of time to answer questions. We asked questions to other customers who took great pride in explaining things to us (though, the English was a bit too broken to fully understand). Once the rush was over, we were able to talk with the cashier who was very helpful. She too took great pride in teaching us about the customary treats of her home land.

Look at these amazing cakes - baked fresh at this bakery! Unbelievable. You'll find many of the same confections at places like Fresh Market for $1.50 MORE than they are here (ex: Napoleons at Fresh Market are $3.50 - here, they are $2.00). Allen L first happened across this sugar paradise while trying to locate reasonably priced chocolate covered strawberries. Everywhere in the Summit City, chocolate covered strawberries range from $3.50-$5.00 each - here, they are only $1.25 and are as beautiful and delicious, if not more so, than those found anywhere else.
Below is the fresh baked bread area. As with all of the items in the bakery, everything is made fresh daily on the premises by what I can only imagine is an all star team of Keebler elves! The football shaped breads on the cart are only .40 - in this economy . . . fresh baked bread for only 40 cents - yep! The 2 types of bread I purchased were crusty on the outside and soft and wonderful on the inside. They had some multi-grain bread that was $3.50 a loaf, but still - how fabulous would that be to accompany a beef stew or soak up some other type of "sop in's".

Between the 3 of us, we tried about 25 different things - all beyond description . . . amazing!
Our verdict - GO, go now, go without hesitation and tell everyone you know!

Until the next bite -

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