Eddie Merlot's

1502 Illinois Road South
Fort Wayne, IN 46804-1220

Fabulous - Fantastic - Delectable

The 3 Elles have been to Eddie Merlot's twice. On both occasions, the service was beyond exceptional. Both times, our servers were charming, warm, and receptive to our humorous exchanges. We enjoyed the extras such as having our napkins folded while we were away in the restroom (side effect of drinking too many martinis), fun interactions with the expediters and water re-fillers (we called the high school boy filling our water by the name on his name tag for more than 2 hours until finally our server let us in on the "joke" - the "water boy" had been wearing another person's name tag), and being greeted by members of management. The atmosphere of EM is sophisticated without being overly pretentious. The courses are paced extremely well - no rushing to get the salad down as the entree sits there getting cold - very comfortable and relaxing.

One highlight of both visits was being seated in a perfect location within the restaurant. Our first visit included about four other co-workers and thus we were seated in a more private section away from the other restaurant goers. It made for a quiet area for us to talk, laugh, and enjoy our time out. It made it feel as if had our own private restaurant. Our second visit was just the 3 Elles and was solely for enjoying our Girls Night Out!!! We were seated in a conversation enhancing semi-circle booth overlooking the main restaurant area - great for people watching.

Shall I describe ecstasy? The Berry White martini - truly the best Fort Wayne has to offer - hands down!!!! The "Allen L" and the "Adams L" both tried it on our first trip and didn't stopping raving how fantastic it was for an entire year! "Allen L" discovered that EM had Martini Wednesdays and thus we had no choice but to make a second visit so that I could also enjoy the fantastic goodness of the smoothest most delectable drink in town (The Berry White martini). This martini has raspberries and blue berries in the bottom of the glass so it has to be good for you, right?. You absolutely HAVE to try it! Worth every penny, even if you don't go on a Wednesday.

The food is delightful! Every entree was prepared to perfection. Our extended group ate the Fillet, the duck, and honestly I can't remember what else. Everyone LOVED what they ordered and raved the whole rest of the week. Delicious! On our second trip, the 3 Elles enjoyed Fillets, crab cakes, salad and soup. The crab cakes were quite possibly the best in Fort Wayne - sure gives Club Soda (Ft. Wayne) and The Brickhouse Grill (Huntington) a run for their money. The salads were plentiful and packed with a wide variety of flavors and textures. I truly enjoyed the wedge salad - something I usually do not go for. EM is very good about making accommodations to the meal to please your dietary needs (i.e. no tomatoes, dressing on the side, etc).

On our second visit, the 3 Elles experienced an amazing dessert that was a gourmet version of a peanut butter cup. It was rich enough to be shared by all of us and worth every calorie. A member of management stopped by our table to share how EM develops new desserts - basically, they are a result of a "cook off" by all of the EM chefs within the corporation . .. . wouldn't you want to be one of their taste-testers. YUM!

We hope you enjoy your experience as much as we did! Happy Dining everyone!!!!!

Until the next bite -

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