Italian Connection

2725 Taylor Street
Fort Wayne, IN

This was the review I wrote on another site immediately after the "experience":

August 13, 2009
My friends and I had heard amazing things about this place so we had to check it out. We had made reservations a week in advance for an early Thursday evening. Here are the facts - you decide for yourself. First, we were shoved in a table at the foot of the stairs. Above our table was a hanging light that looks as if it hadn't been washed since the place opened - yuck (same goes for the vent in the RR - super gross)!! The waiter was sporting a gangster baseball cap with the bill off to the side. The bread basket was just average - nothing fancy nor wonderful - totally below expectations; however, the butter was amazing! The seafood ravioli was in an amazing sauce (flamingo sauce) and was very good except the ravioli wasn't done. The chicken cavatini was drowning in red sauce. My friend who ate it enjoyed it - though it wasn't something she would come back for. I had the lasagna because the waiter said said it was the most commonly ordered item. It was a reasonable portion - nothing inflated like most restaurants would serve. It too was drowning in red sauce. After we ate, we had to ask for more water several times - which was served in little plastic cups like kool-aid at bible school. After dinner, dishes were not removed promptly and some were not removed at all. The "Adams L" had to literally hand her plate to the waiter 3 separate times before he finally took it. Some of the reviews talked positively about the owner - if you would have seen him on the street, you would have thought he was a crazed homeless man - dirty, disheveled, just not the imagine the other reviews had painted. My friends and I aren't planning a return trip here.

The "Allen L" insisted I add how pathetic the salad was - think Dole bagged salad - boring, uninteresting, and far from the meal opener we were hoping for.

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