Taj Mahal

6410 West Jefferson Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46804-6282

The 3 Elles dined at the Taj Mahal in the Fall of 2009. I was totally opposed to it - canNOT stand curry. To my surprise, I truly enjoyed my meal of chicken and mushrooms. No kidding - that's what it was called "Chicken and mushrooms" (my husband thought I got ripped off since it was an ethnically named dish). The Adams L had received a suggestion that we try Naan Bread which comes in several flavors - we tried a garlic type. It was interesting and worth trying. Allen L had a chicken curry dish that she had prepared very mildly. That was a big plus, the server asked how spicy each of us wanted our dishes prepared. The server brought out my chicken and mushroom dish and Allen L's chicken curry dish and then put a large serving boat of rice in between us. Apparently it was to be shared - not a problem . . . Allen L is my friend, but it may have been odd if you were to share with a business partner or someone other than you care about. Adams L ordered an entree served in a pot type dish with little legs. It had several meats including lamb. It was dense and hearty for sure, but she enjoyed it very much. It too was prepared at a mild level. Each of us really enjoyed our food and took home huge amounts of left overs which heated up well for lunch the next day.

The servers were polite and very knowledgeable about the dishes. I would say that there were several other diners in the restaurant at the time who were pretentious and obnoxious. It was as though they felt they were superior to the rest of the world since they were "cultured enough" to eat at an Indian restaurant - really?!?! Give me a break! With $10 entrees, there aren't many people who couldn't enjoy the experience.

Our very first impression of the restaurant was tainted by the absolutely filthy windows and door - finger print smears obviously from children playing on the windows. It was sooooo glaring that Adams L and I could NOT dismiss it. Once you walk through the finger printed caking, you see white linen table clothes, well dressed tables, and are get greeted politely.

We would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are looking for something different. No desserts or drinks (except wine) - so we went over to Chops (truly a terrible choice - stay tuned for my 2 thumbs down review of Chops).

Until the next bite -

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