Eddie Merlot's . . . Birthday Bash

1502 Illinois Road South
Fort Wayne, IN 46804-1220

Tonight - the 3 Elles enjoyed "Martini Wednesday" at Eddie Merlot's again!!! What a fantastic celebration for arriving at the middle of the week! Thanks EM's for helping us get through mid-week with style!!!

This won't be like one of our usual posts - we already know that EM's is in a league with very few others - a restaurant that NEVER disappoints . . . and tonight, was no exception.

The 3 Elles went out to celebrate my birthday (thanks L's - it was a blast!). For those of you keeping track, that makes two times the 3 Elles went out in April - party time!

Server: Our server was Oliver (he confirmed that was his real name, not a mere switcharoo of the badges which we have come to find be a semi-frequent practice). Oliver was extremely pleasant. He was attentive, knowledgeable, kind, funny, and open. He was polite, and willingly engaged in our girls' night out back-and-forth banter. Our "water boy" (Ethan- though we can't confirm this since he "lost" his name badge) was fantastic, polite, and interactive. The service at EM's really is great! Fritz, our server from our last visit, even stopped by for a brief chat. Extraordinary people work at EM's which really makes the entire experience unlike any other!!!

I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. I took a few, but they didn't come out very well.

Of course, Berry Whites (the original recipe NOT the new recipe!!!!) were our first choice. The "L's" enjoyed a round of these delicious concoctions. My driver for the evening, Adams L, then enjoyed a Strawberry Fields martini. It was good, but no where near as fabulous as the gold standard in fruit martini's - Mr. BW himself!!! The strawberry fields martini was thicker but sort of tasted like watered down strawberry jello. I'm not sure the martinis were as strong as they were on our previous visits (please tell me y'all aren't getting cheap and skimping on the 'juice')!

Bread: Only one word is needed - FAN-TABLOUS!!!!!!!!!

Appetizers: Allen L ordered Blue Cheese Chips. We all shared them. The quantity is plentiful to feed 4-6 people. On my last post about these chips, we mentioned the bottom ones were soggy - NOT THIS TIME! Crisp and delicious 'till the end, baby! I ordered the crab cakes (shocker - not!). Even Allen L is beginning to enjoy crab cakes. I must just mention that I do not like the creamed corn that is paired with the cakes. I would much prefer a drizzled sauce of some sort. Oh well, no one from EM's asked me. Fair enough!!!

Desserts: Allen L ordered Crème Brulée French Toast. Wow - was that an interesting dessert. You must make it a point to try this. It's big and heavy so share it with friends for sure!!! It was very delicious and worth the calories. I ordered the Peanut Butter Cup. It was alright. I was pretty full so maybe I should have skipped the dessert. It wasn't as much of a "must have" as I had remembered it from a previous visit.

Decor: Just one note on this subject. We sat under a gigantic mosaic-type piece of artwork. There were 2 leather panels on this piece that were slightly raised from the other panels. This created a ledge for dust to land . . . and boy was there dust!!! Hey EM's staff - might want to break out a Swiffer duster.

Join us again next month as we visit another restaurant and celebrate Allen L's birthday (I'm pretty sure she is going to be 21 . . . again!)

Until the next bite -

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