Cork 'n Cleaver - 2nd review

221 E. Washington Center Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN  46825

We recently visited Cork 'n Cleaver for the 3rd time (but only 2nd review).  The Cork is one of our favorite eateries because the food is fantastic, the service is stellar, and the tinis are tops. 

Jessica, the bartender, prepared several rounds of cool refreshing tinis.  We had some of our favorites such as the Pink Pony, Dark chocolate Raspberry, and the Cork 'n Candy.  In the hot weather, the floating ice slivers and tropical flavors were refreshing and fun!  I also opted for a new drink, Raspberry Voxx Drop, which was exceptionally smooth and sweet.  If you like the Pink Pony, but want something a little sweeter and less tart, then the Raspberry Voxx Drop will suit you perfectly.  One of our disappointments was how each tini arrived less than full - felt like we weren't getting our money's worth. 

We started with the Bruschetta because we remember it being the very best in all of Fort Wayne.  The pesto cream cheese atop the sour dough bread from a local bakery is symphonic with the chopped tomatoes accented with a powerful note of balsamic vinegrette.  It was not as harmonious as on previous visits, but it was still wonderful and we strongly recommend it.

On our previous visit we raved about the crab cakes - can't say the same thing this time.  They were small and flat and disappointing.  Completely not worth the mid-teen price.  We recommend skipping these until they bring back the way they were prepared in the past.  

Dinner is served with a basket of piping hot Molasses (the darker colored bread) and Sourdough bread (the lighter colored bread toward the front).  The bread is fresh and perfectly crusty on the outside with a soft, chewy inside.    

If you need just one reason to go to CnC today, it's the salad bar.  Everyone thinks the same thing - it's a salad bar, big whoop - theose people haven't experienced the grandness of the CnC spread.  It's unique, comprehensive, and fresh.  It's the perfect opportunity to make the exact salad you are in the mood for.  Here are what the 3 Elles created. . .

Allen L featuring fresh gigantic strawberries, tapioca pudding, and fresh ground pepper just to name a few.

Wells L featuring homemade croutons, fresh ground pepper, and craisins among many other delicious toppings. 

Adams L was adventurous opting for caviar and herring among other fresh toppings. 
The food at CnC is out-of-this-world.  It's such a level above most other local eateries that it's truly a pleasure to partake.  We doubt you would be disappointed with any of the dozens of options.  On this night, Adams L opted for the Hawaiian Chicken featuring a grilled butterflied chicken breast paired with grilled pineapple and a baked potato side.  The chicken was tender and juicy and was very good.  The side of Teriyaki gave it an added punch of flavor.  It was so delicious she said she would definitely get it again. 

Allen L selected the Lobster Tail special.  The tail was presented in the shell and was removed by the server - full service.  The extremely sweet tail melted in her mouth and is by far the best Lobster in Fort Wayne.  It's a definite recommendation and she would totally get it again.  Tragically, the baked potatoes are boring.  It is kind of disappointing and we suggest needs to be looked at to see what can be done to improve the lackluster side option.

I too opted for a dinner special -the Surf & Turf featuring a 6 oz. perfectly grilled Filet and a lobster tail removed from the shell prior to serving (thank you!).  At CnC you are able to get a wide variety of amazing steak enhancements including  a coffee crust (I didn't select that), crumbled blue cheese topping (which I selected but didn't receive), blue cheese infused butter (OMG it's amazing - didn't get it this time, but have had it before), and a choice of sauces such as Bordalaise and bearnaise (opted for both - a-maz-ing!).  This meal was amazingly and should be enjoyed by everyone.  It's not a leap to say that it defines perfection!
 Lobster is served with individual crocks of melted butter.  It's just one example of the special touches you can expect at The Cork. 

With Allen L celebrating her birthday, she was treated to a complimentary SLICE of Mile High Mud Pie.   This beyond gigantic ice cream pie featured coffee flavored ice cream, a fudgy outer layer, slivered roasted almonds, and puffs of whipped cream.  The combination of flavors was a perfect finish to the meal.  It's huge - so be prepared to share!

 I'm not a big fan of coffee anything so I opted for the Vanilla Creme Brulee.  It was okay, but a bit disappointing.  I probably would recommend skipping it.  It wasn't worth the calories, though the presentation was certainly beautiful. 

Cork 'n Cleaver is a dining gem and heads and shoulders above most other eateries (Baker Street is probably it's only competition).  It's definitely a place you should take your special someone and know you'll have a memorable evening filled with excellent service, outstanding food, and a warm atmosphere. 

Until the next bite - 

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