Chappell's Coral Grill South

6328 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

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The Southwest location is a bit more upscale than the Broadway location used to be. It's modern edge enhances the overall nautical-theme. For example, look at this woven brass lamp shade which adorns each booth's drop light. The contrast of rustic metal atop a delicate satin taupe colored shade encapsulates the entire establishment's atmosphere.

We began by ordering our standard Goat Cheese Bruschetta. At the Chappelle's north, I LOVED the stuffed jalapenos so I decided to order them at the Southwest location as well. Both appetizers arrived promptly and beautifully.

Here's a close up of one slice -
We really enjoyed the taste and presentation; however, it needed to be toasted longer as the center of the bread was soggy - much the same consistency of French Toast. Both Allen L and Adams L enjoyed the ends as they were crispier than the center. I didn't mind the middle, but it definitely wasn't a true bruschetta.

The homemade Stuffed Jalapenos were good, but not a must-have. They were well made and consisted of a flaky outer breading and oozing center of of cheeses and crab goodness. These were a bit more spicy and a lot less impressive than the former Chappelle's North location. We all agree they were okay, but not awesome.

We began our evening with a round of Martinis featured on their extensive martini menu (hooray for a martini menu!!!).

Allen L began with a Caramel Appletini (left) which was basically a very well made Appletini but had too little caramel to notice. It's beautiful presentation and smooth green apple jolly rancher taste left smiles and giggles all around.

I began with a Blue Falls Martini (center). It's stunning blue color and sword piercing cherry garnish were interesting; however, the martini lacked any distinctive flavor. It was delicious and provided a great end of the day escape, but it was not over-the-top extraordinary. I have ordered it in the past and it never disappoints, but it also does not scream "order a second one".

Adams L started off her evening with a Pink Martini (right). Perosonally, I thought it tasted like cough syrup (Robitussin in particular); but Adams L really enjoyed it. She said it was strong, but really tasted the raspberry flavor and would definitely recommend it.

Later, we tried a second round. I tried a Double Fudge Martini. Doesn't that sound like a chocolate dream? Regretfully, it sounded way better than it tasted. It had a liquor in there which didn't please my palate. Allie, our server, provided classy customer server by removing it from my tab. She said, "If you're not going to drink it, I'm not going to charge you for it!". That's how to take care of a customer - be on alert other eateries. Allie didn't have to get the manager, or argue with the customer, she just took care of the patron - thanks Allie!

Allen L ordered a Key Lime Martini which is technically not on their martini menu, but is featured as an ice cream drink on their specialty drink menu. Those who read the Chappelle's North review, might remember Super Bar Star Sarah created an out-of-this world Key Lime Martini - we were hoping it would be half as good as her creation was. It was pretty in it's presentation with it's kiwi sauce lined glass and cherry garnish, but a graham cracker crust would have put this drink into a category all by itself. It was good, but not as magnificent as the former North location.

For the first time, in our 3 visits to Chappelle's, Allen L ordered the side salad with house dressing rather than the off-the-chart Crab Slaw. The salads are fresh and delicious, but it is definitely not as special as the Crab Slaw. Allen L suggested whole olives rather than sliced and croutons might take this salad up a notch.

The bread was exactly as it has been at the other 2 former locations. It's really delicious and was served warm - yum!

I ordered the same Almond encrusted Walleye that I've ordered at the other 2 locations. This was definitely the most disappointing of the 3 locations. It was so bland and boring. I had to ask for hot sauce and doused it with salt and still could barely tolerate the overal blah breading but fishy flavor. I ate 1/3 of it and was uninterested in boxing up the rest to bring home. It was paired with one of the 3 possible sides - roasted red potatoes. These were good, but an odd pairing with fish. At $23.99, it's definitely not a good value. I would recommend selecting something else.

Adams L ordered her Chappelle's "usual" Chicken & Shrimp Salad. It colorful presentation adds to the overall sensory appeal of the dish which is punctuated by the vine-ripe freshness. It's plentiful portion size is paired with the raspberry vinaigrette dressing which is a refreshing and light selection.

Allen L ordered the Seafood Pasta and was able to have it customized to accommodate her preferences. The dish is typically served with mushrooms and scallops, but Allen L ordered double shrimp instead of scallops and to hold the mushrooms. The chipotle cream sauce gave the dish a bit of spice and the dish an overall dimension in color, flavor, and texture. The overly large portion size would make for a wonderful dish to share with your spouse, but in this case, was boxed up for a delicious lunch to be had the next day. The thickness of the fettuccine noodles played off the delicate cheese shavings to create a palate delight. Allen L enjoyed the dish and would recommend it.

We were pleased to hear that despite closing 2 other locations, the owner's wife's friend still makes the desserts from scratch. We've enjoyed these homemade sweet endings at the other locations and sure enough - they were featured at this location as well. Below is the menu which should be updated since the Pumpkin Pie is only seasonal (Thanksgiving) - and it's nearly 6 months later; however, kudos once again to Allie, our server, who was prompt to point out that they were out of Boston Cream Pie and Pumpkin Pie.

I had my "usual" white cake. Same presentation and flavor as the other locations. It was good. It's really a great ending to a Chappelle's meal. The pillow of whipped cream and ribbon of raspberry sauce are nice "condiments" to the cake. Although the white cake isn't anything fancy or creative, it is delicious and thus I would definitely recommend this dessert selection!

Allen L selected the Key Lime Pie - shocker! The limey flavor was fresh like Spring and very refreshing. The presentation was pretty and the dessert was very good. Pucker up for a serving of this soon!

Adams L made a first time choice - she selected the New York Cheesecake with raspberry sauce. It was very smooth and creamy exactly as a NY cheesecake should be. This dessert could have been made a touch better had some of the sauce been drizzled atop rather than just adorning the plate.

We were greeted and seated quickly and pleasantly. Allie was our server and as has been noted above, she provided us with exceptional service. She was kind and knowledgeable. She was prompt and attentive - for example, our water glasses were never empty! Allie is very likable so you should definitely ask to be seated in her section on your next visit.

It is important to say that this was our BEST experience at Chappelle's out of our 3 total visits. The 3 Elles agree, though, that this restaurant is a nice place to eat, but is in no way a $25/plate kind-of-place. We recommend that you try this establishment, but be prepared to receive a significant bill for modestly tasty food.

Until the next bite -

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