Joseph Decuis

This post was written by Adams L.  Enjoy!

The Elle’s ventured out to a popular but somewhat unconventional place for us. We eagerly anticipated the Burgers, Blue jeans, and Beer at Joseph Decuis.

 Now if you remember we have been to Joseph’s before, however we have not experienced the summer patio action. Upon arrival to the location, you make your entrance through the front garden, all beautifully adorned with flowers, vines, and a reflecting pool with fish. After entering the main restaurant, you make your way to the center courtyard. The courtyard is where the event is held. It is exquisitely landscaped in a manner that encourages a relaxed, comfortable air. As time went by, rain threatened. It did rain, but the Elles were nicely tucked under the awning and it did not pose as a distraction for us. However, some patrons were under table umbrellas and found that they needed to move just a bit to stay out of the moisture.

For starters, since Adams L and Wells L are not beer fans, they opted for the martinis. Adams L totally enjoyed the Raspberry Lemon drop, a delishiously super fruity relaxer on a very warm day. Very girly.

For starters, since Adams L and Wells L are not beer fans, they opted for the martinis. Adams L totally enjoyed the Raspberry Lemon drop, a delishiously super fruity relaxer on a very warm day. Very girly.  Wells L relished in the Creole Kiss. Another super spectacular beverage. Looks a lot like the Raspberry Lemon Drop, It also is fruity, and possesses a wonderful smooth deliciousness. One might say that one of these may not be enough.  Allen L opted for a Heineken, which was served cold, leaving one refreshed. ”It is the perfect patio drink”. Allen L was able to sit back and just relax.

The patio has its own menus for the evening. 

Wells L ordered freshly made French Fries which looked like shoestring fries. Homemade ketchup resembling tomato paste with some spices was available to complete this dish. Wells L was thinking the fries would come with the entree, but it was served as an appetizer. Adams L chose to start with the Seafood Gumbo. Noticing that it had no seafood, but was spicy, hot, peppery, Adams L was informed later that it was not Seafood Gumbo but JO –JO Gumbo. Even though it was tasty, it was not what was ordered and we will talk about the service later.

The chef cooked all the entrees out on the patio on the grill. What would a backyard meal be without the aroma of food cooking? Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The entrees include a chicken dish, brats, and then a 1/3 # burger. The Elles chose the burger. This was served on a durable paper plate nestled on a buttery bun. Tomato, lettuce and onion garnished this dish. We all agree that every bite was a bite of deliciousness. Mmmmm. And then Mmmmm again. The flavor was pure beef, no worries of gristle, or grease dripping down your hand. The burgers were juicy and perfect with or without condiments.

To end this relaxing meal we were served cookie, a choice of chocolate chip, turtle, and oatmeal/raisin. Now I am not an oatmeal/raisin kind of girl, I will go for the chocolate every time but I’m telling you that the oatmeal/raisin was mouth watering good. All of the one I tried were wonderful. Chewy, not under baked, a good size, not sugary/grainy texture at all.  This was a perfect conclusion to a patio meal. Yum, yum

Everyone was pleasant at Decuis, but the service out on the patio was substantially different from in house. We had to ask multiple times to have our small water glasses filled, and then only that person received water, no one else at the table. Hummm. None of the Elles remembers being asked how our meat should be cooked. Does this mean that at a cook-out the cook gets to decide?  I am not sure on that one either. Our waitress had multiple opportunities to make connections with us but for some reason chose not to do so. I think the worst was the gumbo. Really. When one orders seafood and you serve JO-JO and do not mention it, or ask if the person still wants it, or excuse the mistake? This would not be acceptable in any other restaurant and I definitely would not expect it at Joseph Decuis. It should not matter if we are outside or inside, service is service.

Until the Next Bite-
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