Takaoka of Japan

305 E Superior Street
Fort Wayne, IN  46802

 Looking for dinner and a show?  Try Takaoka of Japan - it's culinary artistry at its finest.  Not only is the food amazing, but the chef is knowledgeable, interactive, and quite the showman! 

We started off with a round of fantastic, reasonably priced drinks.  Our $6 cocktails were remarkably "adult" and absolutely tasty.  Adams L started off with a Plum wine - not your everyday option, but definitely refreshing on this hot summer evening.

Long Island with a side of diet coke to keep it from getting too potent . . . made so well, didn't need extra soda!

Long Beach - a long island made with cranberry juice instead of soda - FRUITY GOODNESS!

Plum wine on the rocks - total refreshment on a hot day!
Making of the fried rice -YUM!

Grilling the Filet Mignon - Tender, delicious, flavorful!

Prepping of the shrimp and veggies - holy moly - amazing!
Our meals began with an amazing soup - not something I typically enjoy, but this was outstanding!  We also got a iceberg lettuce salad with a house dressing with a strong orange flavor. 

Shrimp & Filet (Filet not yet added to dish) with both steamed and fried rice - hands down - the best!

Scallops - fresh and delicious!
Our server was almost ninja like . . . our dirty dishes would disappear and I honestly didn't even notice her come by.  Our waters were refilled and each course was perfectly paced.  Our chef was friendly and knowledgeable. 

What a super fun place to eat dinner with friends!  This is not a place to linger and there is no dessert, but as far as dining with fun and deliciousness . . . this won't disappoint. 

Until the next bite - 
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